A guide to health and life skills | Individual coaching guide
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Guide to self-realization

Do you feel that inside you there are enormous unused abilities and talents? You might see yourself in a golden position, not in the ‘golden middle’? Do you want a harmony of mind, spirit and body in your life?

From the angle of coaching, a human does not have problems, but inner strengths, abilities and talents, beliefs and capacities to lead a fulfilled, achieved and balanced life, with healthy relationships, and healthy mind, body and soul. 

The problem arises when a person cannot see a solution, is not able to use the capacities given to her to change the limiting beliefs and achieve the desired goal in some area of life. 

Coaching is a conversation in which coach searches, recognizes inner brakes as well as strengths of the client which will be used through the process of finding your own, unique solutions to your problems.  

For the client, coaching is a process of cognition of inner strengths and building of the support and belief in your unique natural talent and all acquired resources. By couching the client discovers and gains practical solutions of problems as well as guidance in the professional field, health and interpersonal relations. Coaching is research of deep meaning and purpose of a human and following that set of basic goals.

Client, guided by the research conversation gains storing insights into himself, gains a feeling of his inner strength and starts believing in himself. 

Coaching is a process from discovery to the liberation of oneself.

From a problem to a solution

From restraint to freedom

From aimlessness to gained goals

From misunderstandings to superior communication

From darkness to light

From misbalance to health

Guided conversations are a road to:

Balance and health- therapy coaching: for example getting rid of unwanted habits, relief from phobias, psychological aspects of allergies, getting out of the psycho-emotional state and the image of disease and entering the state of creating vitality. 

Coaching is based on knowledge and NLP skills as a top method for personal and professional growth. The use of knowledge and skills from medicine, natural medicine,  psychology as well as personal experiences to help a client to find the right, unique way to his inner powers, health and success. 

A coach can recognize what:

Stops you

Closes you

Overshadows you

Deafening you

And he guides you through the process of releasing emotional restraints and restraining beliefs to create feelings and beliefs that give you freedom 

From powerlessness and impossibility to the ability and discovery of numerous solutions coming out of the vicious circle of bad interpersonal relationships to healing.  

Many people feel the benefits of coaching as: “Gosh, that’s a relief”, I feel like “I can do it all”. Feeling “the peace I seek”. They don’t stress over others, stop always “making things right”, do not wait for their time to come. Endless worry on” how to get a solution” ends, because the solution is always inside us, and through coaching, we get to that wise part which tells us “how”.

The purpose of our coaching is for you to feel satisfied with yourself, to find that “special something”, important string, sole purpose. The final objective is to lead a fulfilled life in peace, health, love and prosperity. We want you to find the balance of life, health, profession, relationship and lead a fulfilled life. 

Coaching will support you to:

Became purposeful balanced being

Resolve internal blockages and restrictions 

Get rid of heavy emotions, stressed states, traumas and fears:

Release your inner strength and capacity. 

Achieve the goals, communicate easily, and find your balance between mind, body and emotions, 

If you have recognized our enthusiasm and support to your personal and professional growth, came to us to together guide, lead and support you in achieving your life balance. Came to together discover the beauty of your soul and strength of your being, let us rejoice in your successes. 

Your time is always- NOW!

From our hearts to yours,

Milena and Jelena