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Who we are and what we do

We are Milena and Jelena, the authors of the “life and health skills guide”. We created this concept out of a desire to work with people, to be their support on their way of self-growth and improvement of each segment of their lives. This program spontaneously arose from life experiences and problems we confronted in our life, such as:

-how to improve and advance ou health and prosperity

-to improve our careers

-to obtain needed life skills

-improve partner and family relations

-to overcome sorrow and pain, even after losing someone close

-to fall in love again

-to find our purpose and job that we love and enjoy doing

-to overcome the fear of the public appearance

-to experience and enjoy our success

Why choose us?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the similar content on the internet, you ask yourself if these things really work and how to choose the right and accurate information? Who instils confidence among the majority telling you how to succeed?

We want to show you that together we can work on:

*really achieving what you want

*on solving real problems pulling you down

*on improving every segment of your life, health, work, career, relationships, finances…

*on getting understanding and support

*strategies and access to achieve all of the above

Before we move further, you may ask yourself why we care about your happiness, health and success, so we will answer right away. We ourselves have been through various problems, overcoming different temptations, dilemmas, but we were lucky to gather useful techniques through various educations, that we used to help ourselves. We were determined to learn and apply our knowledge to provide ourselves with a fulfilled and happy life.

What are our passion and purpose?

Our goal was to help ourselves. But with passion and purpose to help anyone in need of help, we created “life and health skills guide “in order to put our knowledge and skills in the use and be a support to the ones who want to build the relations, improve health, careers, businesses, and finance that they really deserve. And we succeeded and kept on succeeding in our intention. Today we have many years of experience and results that we are proud of.

Our clients do not come to us for motivation and a little bit of chitchat. They have plenty of that. The thing that they get at our sessions is a realization of specified personal goals in all the aspects of life and strategies that would help in achieving these goals, reaching the next level, and help them to get to the place they really want to be.

We will reveal one secret, you can succeed in everything on your own, and get to the exact place you dream of. Every one of us will eventually get to that place, but the choice between travelling by an old and slow train, or by the newest aeroplane is on you. Results will show. So, decide to be smart and choose a plane ride.

Our biggest success is your personal growth and satisfaction.

Yours faithfully,

Milena and Jelena

Jelena Marinković

Jelena Marinkovic, law graduate and  NLP Master, licensed mediator and Life coach of the integrative psychodynamic method.

Off the record: Creative, book lover, writer and a lifelong learner. What moves and motivates her is the faith that within a person there is a strength and power to achieve and be whatever he or she wants,  and that the only problem is that this strength got forgotten somewhere along the way. On her workshops and coaching, she deals with exactly these subjects, strengthening and sanctification of personal strength and capacity.

“I first started working on and with myself, because the life I lived was not mine. I thought that life should be more than the current situation I was in and I wished to change that. I believed that I can do more, and along the way I realized that I can be an inspiration and transmit my knowledge and skills to others, helping them to live their lives according to their own standards. My mission is to be the support and help to anyone who wants to find the power to live the life they deserve.

Milena Davinić

MD  Milena Davinic, born in the city of Nish known as the emperor city. After she graduated from gymnasium “Bora Stankovic”, among her interests for literature and foreign languages, she chooses to enrol in the University of Nish Faculty of Medicine. She helped the community by volunteering and she gained experience in the first aid station, in Nis. Later, as the mother of a three-year-old son, she decides to specialize in pediatric practices. Along with her PhD studies, her professional path changed its course. She educates and enriches her knowledge from the field of Reiki complementary medicine, neurolinguistics method NLP and bio-resonance. As the years go by, she advances in Reiki as a Therapist, Master and gains the title of Reiki Master Teacher. Besides that, as a medical doctor, she has engaged in BICOM bio-resonance method for two and a half years alongside with energetic therapeutic work. Her goal is to unify her knowledge from classical medicine and integrative medicine in the purpose of healing.

“My first memories of people, nature and animals from childhood are those of the energy that they transferred to me and that made that first impressions. This energy force of the things surrounding us to me was always natural. I feel people, their emotions good or bad, with strong personal impressions. Strong empathy is the feeling which guided me to the studies of Medicine and a profession of a medical doctor. I kept my quest to find different methods of healing the whole human body. That is how I came across Reiki, or Reiki found me, as well as neuro-linguistic programming. Being a doctor for me starts from my heart while being a Reiki therapist and Master Teacher comes from my soul.

For me, Reiki is the energy of strength, light of the mind, love of the heart. Long-time dedication to my therapeutic work comes from my empathy, love and understanding of the human being, and my beliefs in its power or regeneration. My call as a therapist is guided by the life and a belief in human transformation by enlightening of the mind and soul.

“Masters are not made, masters are born” was said my Reiki Master Teacher , when he gave me his blessing. I am following the path of light, on which my guiding star is my son and which to set an example for him by my life balance, to be the best example, support and to transfer my knowledge and techniques of self-healing. This call that I have chosen is made from love towards living beings, human being, myself, Planet  Earth, the Universe. My passion is to transfer the Reiki technique to other humans so that they could meet their self-healing powers and live in a full capacity. Through Reiki, we comprehend joy, love, healing, harmony, and we awaken the light of our soul.”