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Reiki workshops

Reiki workshops

We study and search for our flaws. We look for our failures and problems to give an answer to what the success is, and to learn how to be successful, how to find out what we do best and do the exact thing that we were gifted for. 

Our talents and strengths are unique and there is not another human being that possesses the same combination of talents and strengths. Each humans’ talents are unique and permanent. The real tragedy is not that we lack the talent and strength within us for a happy and fulfilled life, but that we don’t use what is given to us. 

We usually ignore our talents because they seem so ordinary. Acceptance and finding of the purpose of our talents is the most demanding task and obstacle that we need to overcome. 

What do you need to build your life around the strengths you possess? In this training program, we will be engaged with the topic that would lead us to the place where we want to be, where our strengths are in full use as well as our talents and skills to do exactly what gives our life the purpose.

Reiki for parents and children – meditation

“Light awakening” meditation

Biophysics has discovered the existence of the biophoton light field- light units of energy.  It is believed that biophotons are responsible for the communication and fast flow of information, even faster than nerve cells. When the biophoton field is coherent, it allows the communication between the biophotons which results in the good energy of all the cells. Very often, under the influence of radiation frequencies, pathogenic organisms, etc. that field becomes incoherent. Communication is weakened, which results in weakened body energy. 

“Light awakening” meditation (uses visualization) aims to awaken and organize biophotons to the coherent field. Through this, we consciously manage our body and encourage healing. The author of this meditation is Dr Milena Davinic Reiki Master, who created it by combining knowledge, insights and practising of the Reiki Method.

Let’s light up together!

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Reiki for parents and children – treatments

Presentation skills represent a special type of oral communication. They are the key for representing an idea, concept and contents to intrigue the audience and keep their attention. Formal presenting at the meeting, lecturing or informal presentation of an idea at the meeting with our colleagues – no matter where the key is to attract and keep the attention of your audience. For a successful presentation it is necessary to have an insight into the following:

*awareness of the target group you are addressing

*planning and structuring of the presentation

*focus on the main ideas and information, without unnecessary talk about less important details

*Effective usage of non-verbal communication- body language, posture, peach of voice, visual identity