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Reiki healing session is done by directing the Reiki energy into the recipient by putting hands above his body or through contactless treatment ‘at a distance’. The energy system of chakras receives this high amount of beneficial Reiki energy. During the treatment, pleasant warmth or coldness can be felt, as well as some other sensations, intense relaxation. The treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes, but the effects are present days after. With each treatment a person is getting closer to the ideal balance, feeling of peace of mind, love and good health.

Alpha waves have been registered while measuring the waves during the treatment. They are present in the state of mind similar to daydreaming – between being awake and in a dream- in which the energy is being transferred through the body, and enables the flow of biophotons. This encourages the self-healing of the body, intensely calms emotions and mind.

You can receive Reiki treatment if you:

-experience physical pain of some other chronicle pain

-injuries, preparations before the operation or recovery after

-anxiety and stress

-restlessness and uncontrolled thoughts

-emotional burden, sadness, sorrow etc.

-bad communication in interpersonal relationships



-To enlarge our psychophysical potential, energize, direct towards personal and professional goals

– To balance, feel piece, incensement of love in our soul

– Have family, friend and love relationships in harmony

Reiki treatments can mitigate or eliminate physical discomfort, balance emotions, and harmonize relationships. The whole power of human being is awakening, both physical and spiritual.

TIBETAN REIKI the first and basic technique of energizing and healing in energy work. It is often combined with the:

ANGELIC– mild and subtle energy of Archangels

KUNDALINI REIKI a special sort of treatment ,strong and precise ,which lasts around 10-15 minutes. It is used with persons who already experienced Reiki treatments, because of its strong effect and rising of the special evolutionary energy of the Planet Earth Kundalini throuhout our central energy chanell.

KARUNA KI REIKI – combined with the basic treatment of Tibetan Reiki or alone. Karuna is the name of the  LOVING COMPASSION, unconditional love and empowered empathy.

REIKI LIGHT CODE– alone or combined with any of the techniques mentioned above.

Reiki Light Code is unique and developed by combining Reiki and Healing Code by Milena Davinic and Jasmina Alisic.

Reiki is a non-religious method. Reiki IS medicine. (Complementary, integrative).