A guide to health and life skills | Reiki education
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Reiki Education


Became Reiki Practitioner

Everyone who wishes to can become a Reiki practitioner! Reiki practitioner knows the Reiki techniques and can channel Reiki energy through his hands. He channels his energy daily to the chakra system. Gradually his energy system is charging, it cleanses and grows. The energy can further be directed to plants, animals and water because all living beings on the planet Earth supply the energy of life. He feels stronger, emotions are in balance, the mind calms.

Light Energy protection

Reiki is the power of universal love, light, harmony, life. By receiving Reiki energy daily, the presence of light, love and life is magnified in us. We start vibrating in higher frequencies of energies which are distant from the low frequencies of negativity. Naturally, negative repulse positive, like magnets of opposite poles, as the light lightens the darkness. On practitioner level, you learn the beginner technique of protection of the energetic field. On the therapeutical level stronger protection technique is learned.

The practitioner level is the beginner level. You get introduced into Reiki technique by a Reiki Master Teacher.

Became the Reiki Therapist

When Reiki practitioner ‘prepares’ his system of chakras, after the 21-day practice (optimal around 3 months), he can enter the next level, Therapeutical.

As a Reiki therapist, a person can channel the energy much faster, higher and with more power. The change in his psychophysical state is obvious.

That change reflects strongly on all fields of life and he thinks, looks and feel differently. It let him be aware of what surroundings he feels good in, he turns to nature and healthy diet, activities and physical exercise. In this process there is harmonizing of active male and female creator energy, which awakens creativity and talents. Relations and communication with other people are better. He is at piece in soul, feels joy and happiness and is open for love and compassion. Thoughts are clear and focused. Spiritual strength awakens, too. He can easily create and accomplish personal and professional goals. Therapeutically this second level directs us towards the realization of the purpose of our soul. Reiki therapist can choose the call to work with others, in which he will be blessed and helped by his Master Teacher.

Reiki Master

After a long practice, rich experience and dedication, Reiki therapist can prepare to become a Master in Reiki technique. Reiki Master possesses a higher self-awareness and awareness of overall life, he lives in line with his purpose. Reiki Master knows that this is a great blessing, but still nourishes modesty and contributes to the better life of others and planet Earth. His path is the path of self-realization. When one reaches this level, he can get a blessing and education for practices and skills. Karuna Ki Reiki techniques, as well as Light Code, Kundalini Reiki Master when he can further transfer his knowledge.