A guide to health and life skills | Reiki
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Each man wishes to have good health, a great career, family, friends and love relationships that are in harmony, as well as peace and joy in his soul. It is easy to count these simple wishes and needs. But to fulfil ourselves on both personal and professional field, it is imperative to have enough body and spiritual strength, emotional peace and balance. The base of these strengths within us lies in the energy of life that we possess. The amount of our spiritual and bodily energy depends on the energy that we possess within us.


What is Reiki?


The energy in our bodies is accumulating and moving through energy centres, known as Chakras (wheel, whirlpool).

Our lungs inhale oxygen, while our Chakras ‘inhale’ Prana (ki, chi) basic light unit of the Energy of life, and universal creative REIKI energy. Our mental and emotional balance, as well as physical strength, depend on the fulfilment of the Chakras with Prana and creative Reiki energy. Charging with this Prana and Reiki  energy is completely natural, from the moment we are born. Energy naturally flows through our body, and we feel healthy, happy, calm, ‘full of energy’. But, the movement of the energy is being blocked by mentally-emotional patterns, stress, genetics and external influences. Blockages and reduced energy flow result in various symptoms, emotional misbalance, and nervous thoughts. If this lasts for a long time, it can bring chronicle physical changes.

The traditional Reiki method used to balance all three levels, psychical, emotional and physical is based on charging with REIKI energy.

Reiki is a complementary method of prevention, diagnostics and treatment recognized and acknowledged by ‘WHO’ (World Health Organization) and the Ministry Of Health Republic of Serbia.

Complementary means that it can be applied with other classical and integrative medical treatments.


What is the impact of Reiki on the human being?


With Reiki technique, we bring Reiki life energy in the energetic system of Chakras. Then Chakras transfer the energy to the whole being. Since human is a complex being, each level of its existence will gradually be fulfilled with this energy. Energy gives a pleasant experience, calms the mind and feelings, and provides enough physical energy as well as encourages the natural healing abilities of the human being. 


Reiki has a beneficial effect on the whole human being.


The man is a being of mind, emotions, body and soul. Today we know, from the field of quantum mechanics, that everything is a particle or a wave. Particles and waves have their frequencies and vibrations, everything moves and vibrates. High frequencies and vibrations are very pleasant for human beings. The physical body is a matter and its vibrations are the slowest. Thoughts and emotions vibrate faster, and spirit the fastest. Reiki energy is the fastest in charging the parts of the being vibrating the fastest, and the slowest the ones vibrating slowly.


How can we energize?


We can secure enough energy if we practice Reiki daily, or if we receive energy through the Reiki treatment.